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Hidizs S9 PRO ES9038Q2M Balanced Mini USB DAC AMP Headphone Amplifier DSD512 PCM 768kHz 2.5/3.5mm Output 200Mw Decoder S9PRO

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Color: S9PRO black
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Hidizs S9 PRO ES9038Q2M Balanced USB DAC AMP Headphone Amplifier DSD512 PCM 768kHz 2.5/3.5mm Output 200Mw Decoder

*S9 pro and S9 use different chips , both same in appearance and size.

* The plug marked with Hidizs logo is used to connect to smartphones, computers or other audio sources. The other plug with no Hidizs logo needs to be connected to the S9.


Extraordinary HiFi Experience From Exceptional DAC

The S9 Pro is equipped with powerful a DAC chip ES9038Q2M with native DSD64 /128/256/512support .Your music will played back accurately by master clock for the powerful processing ability . Features like elegant design ,compact body ,sampling rate indicator light ,PCM supporting up to 32bit768kHz ,supporting iOS ,Android ,Windows ,Mac OS ,iPad OS ,plug and play ,make it a good replacement for large AMP .

Professional HiFi acoustic tuning ,which incorporates unique insights of the Hidizs audio team on sound and rich experience in designing high-fidelity products, Hope the Hidizs S9 Pro makes your bad days tolerable and good days better !

PCM Supports Up to 32bit768kHz
Supporting up to 768kHz PCM, ideal for a high-resolution audio source playback. Carry your S9 and experience how it works its charm in your everyday life.

Native DSD Supporting Up to 512
Make Your Mobile Phone A HiFi Music Player
The successful application of Native DSD512, often used in high-end music players, not only means resolution upgrade and richer details, but also means that mobile phones has taken a huge step towards professional HiFi devices.

Both 3.5mm and Balanced 2.5mm Are Contained in Such a Small Size
Close to AA battery size, but with greater power, detailed resolution, more functional and user friendly thanks to the both balanced and Single-ended outputs, can even powerfully drive all full-size headphones.

Considerate Accessories for You
More accessories, more convenience. A 65cm extended cable and a clear detachable back clip are added in the package.

LED Indicator Light
According to different sample rates, the S9 will flash different lights, which is interesting and convenient.

Drive All You Want To Drive
125Mw for the Balanced port/90Mw for the Single-ended port. What a powerful driving capacity in this little guy. Come on! Make it your music companion.

Not only Powerful, but also worth collecting
Products manufactured by CNC integrated molding technology can be called works of art due to the difficulty and high time costs, showing the fine workmanship, stable structure and pleasing appearance which is incomparable to welded or split products.

Hi-Res (High Resolution Audio)
The S9PRO is certified by the Hi-Res Audio, which is a standard for high-quality audio products formulated by JAS and CEA, already recognized and supported by numerous fanciers.