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BGVP DM9 4EST 1DD 4BA 9Driver Hybrid In-Ear Earphone IEM Hi-Res Audio Wired Headset 3.5/4.4mm Plug MMCX Detachable Cable Earbuds

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BGVP DM9 4EST+1DD+4BA In-Ear Wired Earphones

Model: BGVP DM9
Sensitivity: ≥110dB SPL/mW
Input Resistance: 30Ω
Frequency : 10Hz-40kHz
Distortion: <0.5%
Sound Difference: ±1dB
Rated Power: 179mW
Cavity Material: Cured wood
Driver Unit: Sonion EST65QB02*1
Sonion BA(E50 Series)*1
Sonion BA(2300 Series)*1
Knowels BA(RAD Series)*1
Liquid Silicone VF DD*1
Cable: 4 Strands OCC Silver Plated Graphene Mixed Cable
Cable length: 120cm10%

As the ninth-generation product of the BGVP flagship series, we have adopted a new 9 driver EST hybrid structure,Equipped with 4 sonion extremely super tweeter EST driver units, through mature tone calibration and four-way frequency architecture design, we only want to present more real auditory enjoyment.

Super tweeter - Sonion EST65QB02 Driver

Super tweeter frequency exceeds the frequency of dynamic driver and balanced armature Response,

let the super tweeter extend farther, as smooth as silk.

Treble - Sonion composite moving iron (E50 series)

Sonion's classic medium and treble frequency driver can develop a strong analytical power.

Make treble frequency extension more natural.

Midrange - Knowels BA(RAD Series) & Sonion BA(2300 Series)

The mature tuning scheme of the classic Knowles

model is complemented by the sonion 2300 series balanced armature. The midrange frequency is more natural and soft.

Bass - 9.2mm liquid silicone vibration film dynamic driver

The liquid silica gel with low viscosity, low shrinkage and high mechanical strength is used as the diaphragm material for low frequency, with a diameter of 9.2 mm, supplemented by N52 strong neodymium magnet and response blocks, so that the low-frequency diving depth and elasticity are faster.

Collection Cured Wood Nebula Dyed Shell

It endless artistic conception track is extended in the small shell. The wood grain is bright and dark, and the star powder is bright. It is like looking up at the universe itself. We can see the variety of small creatures in this rare museum.

Independent four-way frequency processing technology

DM9 adopts precise independent four-way frequency processing technology,The four acoustic ducts produce sound independently, which minimizes the problem of mutual interference between units, and has lower distortion. The metal acoustic damping is used in the specific acoustic duct, which can effectively reduce the redundant frequency band and burr sense of units, ensuring more accurate frequency division and stronger analytical power.

High-purity OFC silver-plated welding machine cable

DM9 uses high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated welding machine wire with a diameter of 120cm10%. The wire core is covered with an insulating sheath, which has higher conduction efficiency and ensures lossless transmission of sound quality.

Personal customization level wearing experience

By collecting big data from thousands of ear prints, we have optimized the arc of the comfortable ergonomic design to fit the auricle, avoid discomfort caused by long-term wearing, and disperse the pressure on the ear, so that you can wear it without pressure.

6N OCC silver-plated graphene mixed cable

DM9 is equipped with 4 strands of 6N single crystal copper silver plated graphene mixed wire. High purity 6N cast single crystal copper has higher conductivity and penetration, lower distortion, and more natural tri frequency transition. It has excellent ductility and strength. Graphene is smelted and purified, which has the characteristics of light, thin and high rigidity. The thickness of paper is 100/1, and the hardness of steel is 100 times. It is clear at high frequency and has natural penetrating power, and it is highly rigid and anti pulling.

Professional Flagship Tuning Solution

After BGVP's years of tuning experience, the final frequency response trend of DM9 after hundreds of multi-dimensional adjustments such as frequency response and cavity channel.

*The data comes from the BGVP laboratory, the actual usemay be slightly different according to the specific situation

(Test equipment:Bruel&Kjaer Type4195+Soundcheck15)

2 -in- 1 Interchangeable Plug

MMCX interface.

Standard 3.5mm/4.4mm two specifications.

Hi-res High-quality Audio Certification is Here

DM9 has granted the "hi-res audio" certification by the JAPAN audio association. Bringing you a listening experience beyond the cd level.