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SpinFit CP100 + PLUS Silicone Eartips for HIFI Earphone Nozzle Diameter 4.5-5.5mm 2 Pairs

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Color: CP100 plus SS(1card)
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  • SKU: SpinFit-CP100plus.SS(1card)
  • Brand: brightaudio
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  • Availability: In Stock

Rotation joint:
Rotate the joints to fit the ear canal deeply.
Medical grade silicone material +
Improved toughness and elasticity, longer service life.
The support of the sound guide tube is improved, and the dynamic audio description is clearer.
Umbrella leaf has improved skin-friendliness, wearing 0 allergies without stress.

Transparent color tube core design
The appearance is crystal clear, and the sound quality presented is also clean and translucent. The friction of the tube core is upgraded, so there is no need to worry about falling off the earphone.
After installation, the ear tube positioning can be clearly seen.

Sound performance:
- High frequency extension, it is clear image, clear and not harsh.
- The mid-range is rich, plump and moist, and the details are naturally smooth.
- Dive at low frequency, get clean, and rebound tightly.
- The sound is clean and clear, with clear layers, rich and broad spatial information, extended rhyme, clearer dynamic performance details, restore the tone, and feel the natural breathing and pulse of the instrument in the melody.
- Feel the rhythm and pulsation of musical instruments, and immerse yourself in the on-site experience of the theater space.

Advantages of CP100
Material: medical grade silicone material
Sound: the sound is clean and clear, with clear levels, rich and broad spatial information, and extended end rhyme, dynamic performance details are more clearly portrayed, the tone is restored, and the natural breathing and pulse of the instrument can be felt in the melody.

Wearing: both support and comfort are taken into consideration, stable and oil-resistant, and it is comfortable to wear without worrying about falling off the earphones.

Recommend using for earphones
Vision Ear VE8
Sennheiser IE 300
FitEar TO GO! 333
Campfire Andromeda, and so on.
Shure and Westone thin tube cores are excluded

CP100+ size:
Nozzle: diameter 4.5-5.5mm
Outer diameter: 10mm
Total high: 9.2mm
Outer diameter: 11mm
Total high: 9.5mm
Outer diameter: 12.2mm
Total high: 9.7mm
Outer diameter: 13.3mm
Total high: 9.9mm
Outer diameter: 14mm
Total high: 10mm

1Card with 2 pairs of CP100+ eartips (not with inserts).