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Singxer UIP-1 PRO USB Isolation Processor USB2.0 Interface UIP1 PRO

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  • SKU: Singxer-UIP1.PRO
  • Brand: brightaudio
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Fully complies with USB2.0 specification, supports hot swap, supports USB1.0 and USB1.1 at the same time, plug and play, no driver required;
Widely compatible with hosts and devices, including all operating systems, embedded systems and devices;
Advanced USB input port ESD protection, up to 15 kV IEC air gap discharge;
The USB input uses a USB B-type socket, and the USB input needs to be powered by 5V;
USB 2.0 high-speed isolator, supports a rate of up to 480Mbps, and its isolation voltage is up to 2kv rms;
It belongs to true complete isolation, including USB power supply and ground loop, which can well isolate the complex noise and electromagnetic interference at the front end.
The isolated USB signal will enter the USB processing chip for signal reformation, remove a large number of jitters at the front end, and use local high-quality clock reformation before outputting.

The isolated USB output adopts USB A-type female socket, and the output power comes from the DC power input interface; the internal output is a clean 5V power supply after ultra-low noise regulation;
The maximum current of the USB output is up to 1A, and the designed output noise is as low as 20uV.
The DC interface is 5.5MM/2.1MM, positive inside and negative outside; it supports 6-9V DC input, and the recommended input voltage is 7.5V.
(Note: When using 5V, the internal 5V regulator will no longer work, but it can continue to output the original 5V; when the power supply exceeds 9V, the heat generation of the whole machine will begin to increase)

Chassis Dimensions and Packaging:
The length, width and height of the chassis: 112MM*72MM*26MM, not including the height of the machine feet and the protruding part of the connector behind the chassis.
Stand-alone weight: 0.2KG.
Length, width and height of carton packaging: 200MM*140MM*60MM
The weight of the shipping package is about: 0.45KG
Standard accessories: an AC-DC power adapter and a USB printing cable