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SHANLING MAJESTIC Flagship 4EST+2DD+6BA Wired HiFi Music Headset 12 Driver Tribrid In-Ear Earphone 0.78mm Inchangeable Cable

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Shanling Majestic

Flagship 12-Driver Tribrid Configuration.
Dual 10mm Dynamic Drivers with Liquid Silicone Diaphragm.
Six Custom-Developed Balanced Armature Drivers.
Four Sonion Electrostatic Drivers.
Four-Way Frequency Crossover.
Dedicated Bass Boost and Electrostatic Driver Switches(Dual Tuning Switches).
Ergonomic and Comfortable Shell Design.
Exotic Looks.
Premium-Quality Medical-Grade Resin Ear Shell Material.
Rosewood Face Panels With Gold-plated Patterns.
High-Purity Single-Crystal Copper Cable.
0.78mm 2-pin Connectors.
4.4mm Balanced Termination.
Premium Package and Carry Case.
Shanling Majestic is the ultimate flagship in-ear monitor from the house of Shanling. The pair brings an extraordinary sound all thanks to its 12-driver tribrid configuration. We have dual 10mm DD units, six customized BA drivers, and four Sonion EST drivers on each side. These drivers are arranged in a four-way frequency crossover for excellent performance. We have dual tuning switches that help us control the output and adjust it to our liking. Shanling Majestic offers excellence both in terms of product design and its acoustic capabilities. Experience the rich and clear sound of the Majestic yourself!!
Experience The Majestic Excellence:
Shanling has years of experience in designing high-quality premium audio gear. They have poured that expertise in designing the ultimate Majestic IEMs. This stunning IEM brings us the best of all worlds, we have excellent looks, we have excellent sound, we have rich accessories, Simply among the best experiences talking about flagships.
Rich & Classy Sound With 12-Driver Tribrid Setup:
Shanling Majestic packs a wonderfully-arranged 12-driver tribrid setup on each side. We have dual dynamic driver units, six balanced armature drivers, and four electrostatic drivers on each side. The dual 10mm liquid silicone dynamic drivers are arranged in opposed parallel design for impressive sound reproduction. These multiple driver units are professionally aligned for exceptional acoustic performance delivering impressive resolution, fast, snappy bass, clear vocals, and detailed instruments.
Clear, Clean Output With Four-Way Frequency Crossover:
Shanling has adjusted the multiple drivers on the Majestic in a four-way frequency crossover. It helps in producing clear sound with ultra-low distortion in the output signal. The DD units are used for producing strong, deep-hitting bass response, four BA drivers are here for mid-high frequency reproduction, dual BA drivers work effortlessly for the high-frequencies, and the four EST drivers are here for the ultra-high frequency region. The electronic crossover is carefully designed to ensure top-level performance from each driver unit.
Dual Tuning Switches:
Shanling has equipped the Majestic with dual tuning switches. These switches help us adjust the tuning by controlling the electronic crossover. The Switch 1 helps give a bass boost while the Switch 2 controls the EST drivers. Turning the Switch 2 on will turn the EST drivers on bringing a more detailed and crispy high-frequency response.
Efficient Magnetic Circuit:
Shanling Majestic is equipped with Japan-imported N52 neodymium magnets that produce a strong magnetic flux. Combined with the imported CCAW voice coil, we have an efficient performance with the Majestic. The pair offers easy drivability with swift diaphragm movement and clear, low-distortion sound reproduction.
The Majestic Luxury:
Shanling Majestic is a unique blend of modern craftsmanship and traditional art. The pair features high-quality Rosewood face panels with gold-plated patterns inlaid into the panels. The shells are made using high-quality medical-grade resin material. Shanling Majestic is both lightweight and ergonomic, enjoy your favourite melodies with the best comfort and best performance!!
Hand-Crafted Premium Single-Crystal Copper Cable:
Shanling Majestic features a hand-crafted 8-strand 18-core single-crystal copper silver-plated cable with bulletproof shielding, coaxial Litz braided structure design. It effectively protects the sound signal from external interference. This cable has a balanced 4.4mm termiantion and universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.