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QoA Adonis New 1DD+2BA Hybrid Driver In-Ear Earphone Pinecone Resin Shell IEM3.5+4.4mm Plug 0.78mm Cable Wired Earbuds Kinera

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Color: QoA Adonis New
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Use wood against your heart to gain new life:-

Adonis New upgrades the birch cavity of Adonis to mixed pine cones and resin . It retains the natural shape of the pine cones, fills it with resin, and uses CNC to carve it in one piece to finally present different textures and patterns.


Growing in the wild, supplemented by music:-

Different woods have their own unique acoustic properties due to their different densities. Stable wood can effectively reduce the generation of high-frequency harmonics, reduce resonance and noise and make the sound purer and more emotional.


"Zero-feeling" wear, lightweight:-

Collect hundreds of real ear molds for modeling to bring comfort to every user's ears.


3-way crossover structure , full of sound and color:-

With 2 tube 3-way crossover, 3 drivers in each IEM, the three-band atmospheric sound distribution is full and consistent and the transition of each frequency band is smooth.

Bass: 9.2mm copper ring titanium diaphragm is light, high hardness, sufficient rigidity, both volume and texture, and rich in layers.

Medium frequency: Knowles BA has excellent performance, strong coordination ability and seamless connection between high and low frequency bands.

High frequency: QoA custom-made BA with ultra-high extension, solid lines and full tension.


Full of vitality& surging:-

Adonis New sound stage is regular, the timbre is neutral and balanced.

It's with considerable impact bass, emotional mid-frequency vocal, solid treble and the low frequency complements each other, the overall energy is full, makes the details rich. It makes fast-paced songs that require musicality, such as Hip Hop and rock music, more exciting and enjoyable.


Exclusive vocal music, just right:-

The original cable is equipped with 4 core classic silver-plated copper wire. Each core 1.5mm wire diameter ensures nearly lossless transmission of sound signals. Its solid acoustic characteristics complement Adonis New to make the sound more impactful.



Adonis NEW comes standard with 2 kinds of eartips based on its sound characteristics. Users can choose the eartips with different functions and sizes according to the depth of their ears and sound preferences.

Balanced sets: Solid cohesion, three-band fusion, medium and regular.

Vocal sets: The human voice is close to the ear, releasing high frequencies, relaxing and natural.


Product Information:

Model: QoA Adonis New

Impedance: 16Ω

Sensitivity: 105 dB±2db

Wearing type: In-ear

Interface: 078 mm 2pin

Plug: 3.5mm+4.4mm (replaceable)

Unit configuration: 1 DD + 1 Knowles BA + 1 QoA customized BA

Cable length: 1.2m

Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz



Material: 5N copper silver-plated wire

Braiding way: 4-core cross braid

Total wire diameter: 5mm

Total number of conductor strands: 456

Single core: 6*19*0.06mm

Outer cover: 1.5mm PVC

Plug: 3.5mm+4.4mm (replaceable)

Interface: 078 mm 2pin

Plug Kit: High Polish

Plug material: copper

Plug internal connection:Copper

Housing Hardware: Aluminum

Cable length: 1.2m

Wire structure:Litz


Accessories List:

Adonis New IEM X 1 pair

5N Silver-plated Copper Wire (3.5mm+4.4mm Interchangeable Plug)

PU Leather Storage Case X1

6 Sets silicone eartips

Balanced sets X3 (L/M/S)

Vocal sets X3 (L/M/S)

QoA Card X2

Tribute to the classic "beautiful man" - Adonis

The 1st Broadway musical to run for more than 500 performances was called Adonis, and it was the longest-running Broadway musical at the time. Adonis is the god of spring plants in Greek mythology. He has a face as handsome and delicate as a flower. He comes back from the dead every year and remains young forever, so he is a god worshiped by women. Today, QoA classic Adonis also has a new life-Adonis New.

Not every cocktail requires a lot of effort and complicated raw materials to prepare, and not every cocktail has its own distinctive and powerful taste.

Adonis is a cocktail served to the audience before the opera. It will not make people drowsy because of the high alcohol content, but it can give people a feeling of relaxation. Made with just sherry, red vermouth and orange bitters, this delightful cocktail is simple but still layered.

Dale DeGroff, known as the king of cocktails, added fresh orange juice to the cocktail. The color is not as bright as before, but the fruity taste is more intense and palatable. Till day, it remains one of the classics of sherry aperitifs.