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NF Audio NA2 PLUS Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver 3.5mm HIFI In-ear Earphone IEM 2Pin 0.78mm Detachable Cable Headset NA2+

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Color: NA2 plus with CP100
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  • SKU: NFAudio-NA2++CP100
  • Brand: brightaudio
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NF Audio NA2+ NA2 Plus MC2L-10M Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver In-ear Monitor Earphone IEM with 2Pin 0.78mm Detachable Cable for Music Appreciation

* Note :
Dear customers, When you choose the set "Starfield CP100", please note the required size of CP100(SS/S/M/L) in the order.

Vivid Timbre, Surging Rhythm,Origin from Stage Customizatio.

Dimension: 145*128*83mm
Netwt: 300g
Driver: Double Cavity Dynamic Driver
Cable: 0.78mm 2Pin 5N Silver-coated OFC
Frequeney response range: 9-40kHz
Maximum SPL: 125dB
Sensitivity: 107dB/mW Distortion:<1%
Impedance: 32Ω
Sound insulation: 25dB

0.78mm 2pin 5N cable*1
User guide*1
Storage box*1
Balanced ear tips(S.M.L)
Bass ear tips(S.M.L)
6.35 to 3.5 Adapter*1


Acoustic Fidelity: optimized dual magnetic circuit, dual cavity and electric adjustable coil unit for music appreciation. The sound is warm and silky smooth. The bandwidth is up to 9-40kHz, the sound field is magnificent, the resolution is exquisite, and the timbre is charming.

Material: 6063 aluminum 5-axis CNC engraving processing, more precise, higher strength, more lightweight.

Wire: Litz structure 5N oxygen free copper plating silver wire, core up to 280, lower impedance, lower skin effect and lower proximity effect.

Comfort: "Real · Customized Design" with cymba conchae, more comfortable to wear.

Accessories: 6.35 to 3.5 adapter, balance cover * 6, low frequency cover * 6.

Package: New gramophone record type packaging design, and standard configuration with exquisite storage bag.

Vocal Art:

- NF Audio MC2L-10M Moving Coil Unit
- Integrated Tuning Circuit
Circuit tuning brings more possibilities for moving coil. MC2L-10M adopts a higher precision integrated tuning PCB board, which is more stable and reliable, and has a better timbre.

- Tesla Level Dual Magnetic Circuit
Magnetism is the power source of moving coil. MC2L-10M unit adopts double magnetic circuit design. Two high-performance rare earth NdFeB magnets provide more than 1 Tesla of magnetic flux, thus providing greater driving force, higher sensitivity, and better dynamic and transient performance.

- Dual Cavity Design
The traditional moving coil unit only has a rear cavity. On this basis, MC2L-10M adds an additional rear cavity, which can control the air pressure more precisely, make the diaphragm move more smoothly, while the sound field is more grand and the sound details are more abundant.

- 5u High Polymer Composite Diaphragm
Different from the popular high rigid diaphragm in the market, MC2L-10 II adopts a kind of light, medium rigidity and good elasticity polymer composite diaphragm from the sound point of view. Optimize the pattern of the diaphragm, improve the distortion characteristics, better convey the music emotion.

Tuning Art:

- Little Rebel, Large Melody
Different from the straightforward restoration of the monitoring earphone, the music earphone emphasizes the elegance and beauty of the timbre. On the basis of understanding music, appropriate tone dyeing can bring better listening sense.

4 groups of air pressure balance damping, can adjust the air pressure balance before and after the cavity. With circuit + physical tuning, the timbre of each frequency band can be controlled accurately, so that the instrument and human voice are properly integrated, and the overall atmosphere of music is better expressed.

The carefully designed interior acoustic structure, together with metal reflecting cavity, bring more delicate and stable sound performance. The addition of the front and back cavity tuning sponge makes the low frequency more surging, the middle frequency fuller, the high frequency smoother, and the sound field more magnificent. It interprets the emotion of music with elegant timbre.

- Fof Pop Rock Hip Hop Blues Jazz Classic ACG)

- Little Orange Dot, More Eye-Catching
The orange LOGO of NF Audio Music Series gives NA2 + a different flavor. Based on years of experience in the manufacture of customized earphones, NF Audio NA2 + is created according to human ear model, which has elegant aesthetic appearance and outstanding acoustic performance, also is more comfortable to wear. Wearing around the ear, the daily a