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BGVP MELODY 12mm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors Earphone IEM Aluminum Alloy HIFI Earbuds MMCX Detachable Cable Headset

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Color: grey(3-in-1 plug)
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What is "MELODY" ?

The design concept of "melody" is a geometric work combining modern aesthetics and mathematics. The polygons and lines are skillfully combined. From points, lines, planes, plane graphics, and three-dimensional graphics, the dimensions of each side are calculated mathematically and regularly. The regular variation and sequencing give "melody" a unique sense of rhythm.

Double rear cavity structure

The double-rear cavity structure increases the sound wave loss in the air by increasing the sound wave propagation space. The reflected wave and the incident wave with the same frequency and opposite phase are superimposed and canceled each other in the double cavity, and then the filter screen is used to filter the specific frequency band. The design of resonant anechoic cavity with low frequency and broadband absorption coefficient is realized.

Ingenious metalworking

14 Processes, 5-axis CNC engraving, 3 times of atomization, 39000 knives finish milling, 2 times of exposure and development, just for this stunning look.

12mm self-developed big dynamic driver

"Melody" adopts the third generation BGVP self-developed 12mm dynamic coil lilin03-carbon crystal polyurethane composite dynamic coil.

20μ carbon PU composite Vibration diaphragm

5μ carbon + 15μ PU film composite vibration diaphragm. PU film, a polyurethane film, is a non-toxic and harmless environmental protection material with good elasticity and high lightness, which compound with semiconductor material carbon and pass the ingenious diaphragm pattern design. The characteristics of carbon propagation speed and high internal loss help to improve the reproducibility of sound, making the sound quality of the whole frequency range improved and purified. The 20μ composite thickness makes the diaphragm high rigidity, The bass is strong and full, the Alto is clear, clean and penetrating, and the treble is crisp, bright and soft.

Carefully adjusted frequency response curve It's as vivid as threading a needle Replaceable Tuning Nozzles

"Melody" is the equipped with three gold-plated brass nozzles that can change the tuning of the sound. The inner diameter and length of the nozzle will affect the overall sound presentation. This innovative design provides the users with a choice to change the tuning of their earphones.

Two color options

Featured to suit your style.

4 Strands graphene silver copper mixed cable

Single-strand 140-core, 4-strand 560-core Litz coaxial braiding is used. Graphene is smelted and purified, and has the characteristics of lightness, thinness and high rigidity. Graphene is 1/100 the thickness of paper, 100 times the hardness of steel. The high-frequency is clear, it has natural penetration, and it has high rigidity and anti-pull property. High-purity 6N single crystal copper can effectively reduce the split vibration of the diaphragm, reduce the distortion effect, and the high and low frequencies are more natural with excellent ductility and strength.

"Melody" 3.5mm Mic is 6N OCC silver made of double strands cable, and a single stock is made of 140 single crystal copper plated silver wire cores and 20 6N single crystal copper wire cores. The outer layer is made for antioxidant treatment, so that the wire service life is longer.

Ergonomic Design Lightweight and dexterous

The ultimate structural compression and the structural advantages of 1DD earphones make the "melody" lighter in size. By integrating a large number of common ear model data collected from private customization, and combining the experience of previous generations of in-ear series. With repeated adjustment and tests, "melody" has reached a better state in terms of ergonomics, acoustics and hardware structure.

3 in 1 Plug

Card buckle type replaceable plug,Standard 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm connectors.Three sizes. It can meet the needs of most listening scenarios. (Note: Type-c and lighting plugs are optional and need to be purchased separately)

MMCX modular cable switching design

Malody adopts MMCX swivel plug, which is easy to organize cables, inserted in 360°all directions. The cable can be upgraded to meet the needs of enthusiasts and gamers. Bluetooth can be changed to meet the needs of fitness parties.

Comes with L1 microfiber leather bag

Pure white microfiber leather bag printed with the iconic BGVP logo, which is elegant and supreme. The design of the upper and lower suction covers is adopted. Reliable opening and closing damping and sponge interlayer shock absorption treatment ensure the safety of the equipment. Intimate mesh pocket storage keeps small items from clutter.

Hi-Res high-quality audio certification is here

Melody has granted the "Hi-Res Audio" certification by the Japan Audio Association. Bringing you listening experience beyond the CD level.


Input Impedance: 18Ω
Frequency Response : 20Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity:106dB SPL/MW
Distortion Rate:≤1%(1kHz)
Channel Difference:≤1dB
Drive Unit: Dynamic driver
Cavity Material: Aluminum alloy acoustic cavity
Vibration Film: 12.3mm Lilin03 carbon PU composite VF
Cable: 4 strands graphene silver copper mixed cable
Cable Length: 125cm ±5mm
Weight: 6.0g (one side)

(The data is the experimental value, the actual use is slightly
different according to the specific situation)