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FiiO New K3 ES9038Q2M USB-C DAC Portable Headphone Amplifier Desktop AMP Support Coaxial Optical Digital Outs PCM384k/DSD256

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Color: New K3(ES9038Q2M)
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Differences between the NEW K3 and K3

1. Basically similar appearance design: both of the two models have a classic all-aluminum alloy body with a distinct volume knob.
2. Replace the original DAC chip with the better ES9038Q2M
3. The combination of the mature OPA926 op-amp and ES9038Q2M DAC chip with re-optimized LPF circuit provides sounds with lower distortion and higher resolution.
4. Compared with the AK4452, the signal-to-noise ratio has been increased by 14dB, and the distortion has been reduced by 13dB. In addition, the circuit design implementing this DAC has been optimized for a low noise floor and clean sound.


FiiO K3

Mini Portable Headphone Amplifier Desktop AMP USB-C DAC AKM AK4452 Support Coaxial Optical Digital Outs PCM384k/DSD256


Pocket-sized Power Flexibility
Headphone Amplifier & USB-C DAC
Coaxial and Optical digital outs
2 USB audio modes
PCM384k/DSD256 decoding
Dual headphone outputs Dual digital audio outputs
ADC volume control

Differences between the NEW K3 and E10K-TC? How to choose the right one?

1. Both of them are portable desktop DAC and headphone amplifier.
2. In terms of the USB Audio class, both of them support PCM up to 384kHz/32bit. The difference is that the New K3 also supports native decoding up to DSD256, while the E10K-TC does not support DSD.
3. The New K3 features a 2.5mm balanced output port, while the E10K-TC only has a 3.5mm single-ended output port.
4. The E10K-TC is more cost-effective.
In short, for balanced output and DSD requirements, the New K3 will be more appropriate, while single-ended output and non-DSD decoding can take the E10K-TC as a choice.