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2022 New FiiO Q3 MQA Portable DAC AMP Headphone Amplifier XU316 AK4452 PCM768 DSD512 2.5/3.5/4.4mm Output for Androi Phone

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Color: Q3 MQA
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* From June 27th, 2022, all orders will be the new Q3 MQA version.

FiiO Q3 MQA Portable DAC AMP Headphone Amplifier All-new XU316 AK4452 chip PCM768 DSD512 2.5/3.5/4.4mm Output for Androi Phone

From the FiiO R&D engineer:
DAC and headphone amplifiers used to be the leading products in the FiiO line. At the peak period, there were 2 complete product lines. However, we did not release any new ones because of influences from portable music players, USB audio adapters and Bluetooth DAC/Amps. And due to chip shortage, old models, including the Q1MKII, Q3 and Q5s, are all out of production currently.

The Q3 MQA coming this time is literally not a new product, but only a product with small changes due to chip shortage. It is for meeting the needs of users, providing them with another option other than music players and USB dongles.

A new start with classics, here are the main characteristics of the Q3 MQA:

1. Potent decoding capacity, all-new XMOS XU316
The chip shortage caused supply shortage of products. Therefore, the Q3 MQA edition applies the all-new highly-processed XMOS XU316, which is also XMOS' strategic chip to enter the AI market. Including 16 cores, it is accurately calculated yet with lower power consumption.

2. MQA support for high-quality sound
With the help of the strong XMOS XU316, the MQA function is added. When using the Q3 MQA with a music app that supports MQA, we can totally dive into a master-quality music experience.

3. Higher performance, lower power consumption
Knowing that the production of the AK4462 will not be resumed, our R&D team decided to use the similar AK4552 after doing corresponding research and assessments. Our engineers worked hard on improving the audio performance and indicators to the same level as the previous model. The distortion performance is even more stable among all frequencies and the headphone amp power output has been improved by 10%.

4. Upgrade using experience, all-new strapping kit
The all-new strapping kit designed to bundle together the Q3 MQA Edition to your phone greatly improves upon the experience from before. The high-transparency straps no longer block the display of your phone. Meanwhile, there are innovative X-shaped straps included, which can expose more display of the phone and further increase the operating area.

Keep features of the Q3 MQA include:
--All-new XMOS XU316 chip
--Efficient AK4452 DAC
--THX AAA-28x2 amps
--Fully supports MQA decoding
--Dual power supply design
--All-new strapping kit
--ADC volume adjustment
--RGB indicator
--Two gain levels
--BASS boost
--2.5/3.5/4.4mm outputs

Technical support for Q3

2.Bass/Charging switch indication

【On/Off Knob】
*Turn the "Power/Volume" knob clockwise until a sound is heard, the device is turned on. Continue to rotate to increase the volume.
*Rotate counterclockwise to decrease the volume. Continue to rotate until a sound is heard. The device is turned off.
【GAIN button: Gain/Filter/Reset button/Green indicator light】
*Single click: Switch high/low gain (Green light off means low gain; green light on means high gain.)
*Double click the button: Switch filter.
*Long press the button for 15 seconds: Reset the device. Press and hold the button until the RGB indicator light goes out, then the system is reset.
Double click the bottom button to switch the filter.
If it cannot display the current filter status, try to reset it and it will go back to the default filter "Sharp Roll-Off". Switch again, it will be set as Short Delay Slow Roll-Off Filter.
Note: The filter switching function is only available under USB DAC mode but unavailable under AUX mode. The reason is that under AUX mode, the audio transmission does not pass through the DAC chip while the filter needs to be implemented by the DAC chip.
【BASS switch: Bass】
Bass boosting: Can be turned on or off based on users preference.
Available both in AUX and USB DAC modes.
【CHARGE switch: Charging】
*When the Q3 is not in the low-power state (the charge switch is turned to ON), the Q3 will be charged once connected to a USB device. But if the charge switch is turned to OFF, it will not be charged.
*When the Q3 is in the low-power shutdown state, it will be charged once connected to a USB device regardless of the charge switch setting until the battery is fully charged.
1. When connecting to a mobile device, it is suggested to set the charge switch to OFF in order to save the power of the mobile phone.
2. iPhone and Sony WM-port devices will not charge the Q3 regardless of the charge switch setting.
3. When the charge switch is OFF, the Q3 will not only stop charging the battery, but also not consume the current on the USB device. (That is, when the Q3 is connected to a mobile phone for decoding, it will not consume the power of the phone.)

3.Signal input and output way

【Supported input mode; Output priority】
①UAC mode (USB DAC): USB input, 2.5/3.5/4.4 output: It supports PO and BAL output, among which BAL is prior. (When PO and BAL port are inserted at the same time, PO has no output and BAL has output). When 2 BAL or all the 3 ports (PO and 2 BAL) are inserted, there will be no sound.
②AUX mode (pure headphone amplifier): 3.5 LO input, 2.5/4.4 BAL output: Only supports BAL2.5 or BAL4.4 output. If both BAL ports are inserted, there will be no sound.

【Priority of USB DAC and AUX mode: USB DAC prior】
*Once the Q3 is connected to a USB device that is playing normally, the USB DAC mode will be prior.
*When the Q3 is not connected to a USB device or it is connected but not playing music, it will work in Aux mode if both AUX and BAL are inserted. When in AUX mode, the Q3 is connected to a USB device and the music begins, it will auto-switch to USB DAC mode. When the music stops for more than 5 seconds, it will auto-switch to AUX mode.
*USB DAC stops playback includes: Stop playback, pause playback, play silent tracks, minimize the volume on the app.

5.How to use the Q3 as a USB DAC for mobile phones?

【Android-based phone】
Use the TypeC-TypeC data cable (follow the arrow direction at the cable) to connect the Q3 to a mobile phone. So you can directly enjoy high-quality music by playing songs.
1. The USB output should be turned on if the music app has one.
2. Make sure the USB debugging is enabled in the developer mode.
On the mobile phone settings
Use the included Lightning-Type C data cable to connect the Q3 to an iPhone/iPad/iPod. So you can directly enjoy high-quality music by playing songs.
*Only supports iOS10.0.2 and above. Apple devices below this version cannot be supported because of the iOS itself.
*When decoding the iOS, the volume adjustment of the iOS device would be disabled.

7.The difference between Q3 and Q1 MKII

1. The size and exterior style are similar. But the Q3 is 6mm longer, and decorated with a double-color anodic ring at the power knob.
2. The Micro USB port is changed to a Type-C one.
3. Add a multifunction button, which can be used to switch Gains, Filters and reset the device.
4. Add a charge switch and a 4.4mm balance port.
5. THX power amplifier circuit achieved better sound quality.

10. How to better strap the Q3 with the mobile phone?
The Q3 might be interfered when being too close to the phone's antenna area. You could try the following methods to better strap the Q3 with the mobile phone: